Write And Publish Your Book In 5 Steps

For people outside the professional writing and the publishing industries, writing a book can be a daunting task. However, people in these two industries know that writing and publishing are not impossible tasks. You can write a book in five steps. All you have to do is divide the project into five segments and tackle each segment one after the other. Before discussing these segments, it is important to point out that you can sign a printer service contract even before you have finished writing the book. This gives you a target and having a target ensures that you work towards your goal without distraction. Below are the five steps you should take to help you write your book. 

Select a Title

The first step in this challenging but interesting project is to select a title for the book. Choose a title that reflects the contents of the book. Note that this title can be modified down the line. This means you don't have to waste any time trying to come up with a perfect title at this stage of the project. 

Create an Outline

An outline is simply a plan for the contents of your book. Create an outline almost as soon as you have a title because this will give a working plan. now, start writing in accordance with the outline and the book will start taking shape. 
Chapter DistributionIf you are writing a novel, your book should be broken down into chapters and paragraphs. Decide how many chapters you want the book to be and allocate an approximate number of pages to each chapter. Start writing and you will be surprised how fast the project will get completed. 

Write the Book

There is only one way to ensure you complete this project and this is to write. Start writing now and make this a habit. Select a specific time of the day or night for this project and write consistently. 

Rewrite the Book

When you start writing your book, you should know that you need two or more drafts before you get the perfect copy. For the first draft, you should just flow. Try to write as much as possible at this stage but don't aim for perfection. After writing the first draft, you should rewrite the book and try to make it better than it is. Now, your book is ready for publication and you have achieved your objective. The next stage is to print and publish the book. 

Publishing Your Book

Publishing your book is a relatively simple process. You just get in touch with a publishing house and the experts will assess your work. If these experts in the marketing and editorial department decide your book has commercial potentials, they offer you a contract and publish your work. You can even take the self-publishing option if you like. In this case, you pay a printer to produce the books and you market them yourself. Both options are viable so, it is up to you to choose the one that works best for you.